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Club Name Web Address 
Ayrshire scoobies
Banzai Club
Banzai Magazine Forum
Cumbrian Subaru Owners Club 
Devon Scoobies
Essex Scooby Crew 
Hampshire Subaru (SIDC) 
Herts Subarus 
Hull Scoobs 
Impreza Driver's Club Norway (IDCN) 
Impreza Sport 
Impreza WWW Owners Club 
Irish Subaru Drivers Club 
Lancashire & District SOC 
Mad Apple Japenese Impreza Club 
Mid-Wales Scoobies 
Midland Scoobies 
P1 Web Owners Club 
Rally Photos by Mal
Scooby Owners Register 
Series McRae Owners Club
Sheffield Scoobys
South Manchester & Cheshire Scoobies 
South West Performance Car
South West Scoobies 
Southern Scoobies 
Spanish Impreza Owners Club
Subaru Impreza Drivers Club 
Terzo333 Owners Club
The RB5 Owners Club 
Tyne Tees Scoobies 
Ultimate Japanese Car Club 
West Yorkshire Impreza Owners Club 
WR1 Owners
200 Plus
22b Owners 
8200RPM Club


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